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Sorting and Scheduling 200 Learning Experiences!

TO: Learning Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie, Publisher, Learning TRENDS
RE: Sorting and Scheduling Over 200 Content Experiences!

Imagine organizing 200 magnets, with each representing an awesome one hour learning experience (session, lab, discussion, debate, case study or conversation).  This is the challenge and delight of our Learning 2018 Content Team, led by Brooke Thomas-Record.

These 200+ Learning Experiences, for almost 2,000 learning colleagues from around the world at Learning 2018 (Nov 4 to 7), need to be slotted into 9 time slots in variable size spaces, lecture halls, lab rooms and unusual locations at Walt Disney World.  And, participants can choose their sessions in real time at the event.  So, we have to be both intentional, predictive and even a bit “manipulative” in the sequence and order of content experiences.

Using input from surveys with several hundred participants and mapping content items to the curve of interest over 3 days is a fun “orchestration” of experiences and expertise. 

“Manipulative?” Well, there are topics like “BlockChain & Learning” that will be of more or less interest to participants after a 5 minute segment in the Monday morning General Session.  Or, a dive deep on Game Design will be more appropriate later in the day - after some LAB table work to see how Gamification might look.

Then, we look at spaces and expectations.  There are some conversations ideal for a small room, without projection, where learners can interact with great interest.  Or, a Super Session on “Becoming Super Human with VR” that will be ideal in a large lecture hall, where we can capture it for curation on high def video.

And, some Experiences will be located outside, from a “Construction Equipment Simulator Truck” or “Learn to Change a NASCAR  Car Tire as a Team”.  

As the Executive Producer, my role is to look at the overall curve of learning activities and energy.  What will the sense of the learners be right after the star of Hamilton, Leslie Odom, Jr. sings a song and talks about the role of Failure in Learning?  Or, what is their level of curiosity during the last session on the second day?  I am always supporting our team to create waves of learning experiences to hopefully match their energy.

And, we have to have a few “OOPS” sessions. So, folks can show up for a “No Specific Topic Conversation”, and skip our content map totally.  Plus, we even have a Genius Bar slotted for one to one brainstorming on learning topics.

This is fun and exciting.  We will publish a full listing of the 200+ Experiences on Wednesday, October 3rd.  But, you can view the content, activities and more at

I love being a Learning Producer.  It is the stimulating and challenging task of producing content buffets that will match changing curiosity!  Hope to see you in Orlando at Learning 2018.