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1008 - Learning in Africa, 200+ Learning Experiences Booklet, Curiosity Apps?

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - September 24, 2018.
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1. Learning in Africa - Hello from Kenya and Rwanda!
2. New: Booklet Released - 200+ Learning Experiences in November.
3. Curiosity Apps? 

1. Learning in Africa - Hello from Kenya and Rwanda!  I am honored to be in Africa this week, keynoting and participating at the eLearning Africa conference.  Over 1,000 educational and government leaders will be coming together to explore the future of learning in Africa.  I’ll do some video interviews with our colleagues from this region and will send a link in a few days to our Learning TRENDS readers. 

2. New: Booklet Released - 200+ Learning Experiences in November.  Wow!  We have just published an 8 page booklet detailing the over 200 Learning experiences - sessions, labs, discussions and engagements at Learning 2018 - to be held in Orlando from Nov 4 to 7.  Please download this colorful booklet and share with your colleagues.  We would love to have you join the several thousand participants focused on the Learning Changes.  Booklet Online: 

3. Curiosity Apps?  I have been passionately thinking about curiosity and how apps may evolve to respond to or extend learners’ curiosities.  For example, in the past few days in Kenya, we have seen some amazing animals and so many questions and curiosities have been triggered - from info questions to a wish for an instant graphic detailing the difference in the Sky in this part of the world.  There are so many cool apps.  What I wish for is a function that maps to our curiosities in undiscovered ways.  Ideas?  Send me a note to 

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