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994 - Video on Diversity and Learning, 5 Minute Survey on Immersive Tech, Reorder the Sequence in eBooks, Please

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - March 29, 2018.
#994 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
57,929 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host: Diversity & Learning LAB - April 10-12 Saratoga Springs, NY 

1. Video on Diversity & Inclusion for Learning!
2. Reorder the eBook Sequence, Please.
3. Take a 5 Minute Survey on Immersive Technologies for Learning. 

1. Video on Diversity & Inclusion for Learning! We just released a 15 minute video interview with Jayzen Patria, focused on the key role that Learning and Development colleagues and departments can play with Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.   I recently interviewed Jayzen, focusing on key steps that L&D groups can take to support and reflect Diversity.  Jayzen talks about the need to create “Safe and Brave” places: 

Video on Diversity & Inclusion for Learning: .
Video is on the bottom of the page. 

We have a few seats left in our first LAB on this topic, led by Jayzen.  Info at 

2. Reorder the eBook Sequence, Please: While I have written over 12 books, the world of eBooks is new and evolving. 

One request to the eBook Publishers - allow the learner to change the format and style of the books a bit. 

For example, I want to have the INDEX for a non-fiction book at the front of the book, rather than in the back. 

And, I would like to be able to have a whiteboard added to the book that allows a learner to cut and paste content or add notes and context along the way.

3. Take a 5 Minute Survey on Immersive Technologies for Learning:  We are very excited to be updating our popular report on the role that VR, AR and Mixed Reality may have for learning.   I have asked Bobby Carlton, our editor on these topics, to create a new report, “Immersive Technologies for Learning”, that will take a fresh look at how Virtual, Augmented and Mixed realities are being leveraged for learning now, and their potential for the future. 

We will publish an Open Source edition of this book for all to access in May.  

I am asking Learning TRENDS colleagues to take a 5 minute survey to help us structure and update this report:

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie.
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Twitter: @emasie  . 

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