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997 - Keynote Predictions, ATD Connections, and 17 Tony Nominations

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - May 2,  2018.
#997 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
57,938 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host: Learning 2018 - Nov 4 to 7 - Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL 

1. Learning Keynote Predictions and Suggestions
2. Elliott at the San Diego ATD Conference and Meetup
3. We Won 17 Tony Nominations for SpongeBob and More 

1. Learning Keynote Predictions and Suggestions: Next week we will have fun starting to announce the keynoters for Learning 2018 in November. 

I would love to hear your predictions (we have confirmed a few exciting folks already) and suggestions for people that could address the evolving world of Learning and excite/engage a group of over 1,800 learning leaders from around the world. 

So, give us your predictions or suggestions: 

We will post a summary of the ideas and start to roll out the announcements for Learning 2018. 

2. Elliott at the San Diego ATD Conference and Meetup: If you are heading to the ATD event in San Diego next week, I would love to connect. 

My seminar is on Learning TRENDS, Disruptions and Hype - on Tuesday afternoon. 

And, we will be hanging out at a MASIE and Learning 2018 Booth in the expo hall - Booth 1237. 

3. We Won 17 Tony Nominations for SpongeBob and More: Yesterday was a big day for MASIE Productions, which has produced over 21 shows. Our shows were nominated for 17 Tony Awards. Twelve were for SpongeBob, which is amazing. And, one was for Lindsey Mendez who was a singer at Learning 2018 and has a powerful role in Carousel on Broadway.  

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie.
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