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1001 - K to 12 Ed Impacts Learning in Workplace, Oculus Portable, Learning 2018 Innovations

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - June 26,  2018.
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1. K to 12 Education Can Teach Corporate Learning!
2. Learning 2018 Innovations Rolling Out!
3. Oculus Go - Mobile Immersive is Impressive. 

1. K to 12 Education Can Teach Corporate Learning!  Hello from Chicago, where I was honored to speak at a leadership session of ISTE, a huge event that draws more than 20,000 educators from the K to 12 and University spaces.  For the last two days, I have been immersed and surrounded by learning technologies that are targeted at students in education settings - and I have been on a non-stop learning journey.  Here are some impressions and follow-ups: 

* Learning at each level (K-12, Higher Education, Workplace, Health and Hobbies) is branded as totally different - yet the learning processes and even the learning tech cuts across those spaces.  We need to find better ways to collaborate and learn from each other’s worlds.

* Learning tech and methods from schools can provide great working models for learning innovation at the corporate workplace.  I have seen demonstrations of learner-centered methods and personalization that are immediately applicable to corporate learning.  Yet, we talk different “languages”.

* Educators must get more time in our work settings to understand how the world of work is changing.  It would be wonderful to have 1 month or summer-long immersive experiences for teachers and educators - to get a sense of the changing workplace and work cultures. 

Richard Culatta, who is our Learning Innovation Fellow, is the CEO of ISTE and we are already working on ways to bridge corporate education and school level learning.  Stay tuned.  Info on this event is at 

2. Learning 2018 Innovations Rolling Out!  We are VERY excited about the innovations and experiences that we are adding to Learning 2018 - our 28th annual event to be held in Orlando from November 4th to 7th.  These include: 

* UserExperience LAB
* ChatBot Development
* Senior Learning Leader Forum
* “Learn to Code” Experience
* Designing for Failure as a Step to Success
* Curation & Learning
* Assessment and Data Analytics Exploration
* Storytelling Narratives for Learning
* Global Learning Perspectives
* Machine Learning - Realities and Hype!
* Diversity and Inclusion Focus for Learning
* Learning Systems Forum: LMS and Beyond
* Learning Roles and Careers
* 30 Under 30 and Mature Learning Colleagues
* Learning Innovations Gallery
* And much more… 

Check out the keynotes, content themes and experiences.  Take advantage of our Early Registration and Group Discounts at 

3. Oculus Go - Mobile Immersive is Impressive:  This week we have been experimenting with the new Oculus Go, an immersive portable device.  Its price is much lower - $199 - and it does not require any other computer equipment.  The experiences are cool and it lays out a road to where we might start to see workplace learning content in this format.  Check it out at: 

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
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