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1003 - Timing is Everything in Learning, A Disruptive Keynote, Magic in New York City

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - June 28, 2018.
#1,003- Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
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Host: Learning 2018 - Nov 4 to 7 - Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL 

1. When & Timing is Everything in Learning!
2. Vicki Lau: A Disruptive Keynoter?
3. A Magician in New York City - Evening of Wonders! 

1. When & Timing is Everything in Learning! As I read Dan Pink’s new book, “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing”, I have been obsessing about Timing and Learning. Let’s think about all of the dimensions of Timing and When: 

* When does a learner like to learn a new subject?
* When is a business most likely to “send” a worker for learning?
* When do we memorize a process?
* When are certain decisions most often happening?
* When do we ask for additional help?
* When does an employee feel confident in a new topic? 

When and Timing may often be equally important to the quality of the learning content or design!  And, are we “smart” about the timing of learning decisions? 

You have read my frequent rants about the poor timing of New Employee Orientation. More should be done before the first day of the job.  More should be done six weeks after they start. Less should be done on a day when they want to know how to log in, when to get paid and how to start working. WHEN and TIMING are so key. 

Over the coming month, leading up to Dan Pink’s address at Learning 2018, I will be exploring Timing and When with our Learning TRENDS Readers. To get started, take a minute and think about how WHEN was “off” for a learning experience that you experienced, either as a learner or leader. Send me a confidential note about it to  And, watch for our surveys and conversations in the months ahead. 

2. Vicki Lau: A Disruptive Keynoter? I love to book Disruptive Keynoters for our annual event. Someone who will lay down some evidence, experiences or perspectives that will rock our assumptions. 

Say hello to Vicki Lau! Entering the Hollywood film industry from Singapore with no connections, Vicki Lau landed portfolio blockbuster movies and shows such as “The Walking Dead” and “War for the Planet of the Apes,” becoming a sought-after visual special effects freelancer in under 2 years, whilst working at mobile and VR early-stage startups in Silicon Valley and Beach. Independently, she had amassed 40 crew members for her short film, which debuted at film festivals, and was also the youngest technical speaker on VR at SMPTE’s conference. 

Vicki will provide a Disruptive Interactive Keynote exploring the changing and often confusing world of Immersive and Virtual Realities - as they could apply to the workplace, simulation, gaming and learning.  Vicki will be at the entire Learning 2018 event and will be featured both as a keynoter and also in hands-on labs exploring new immersive technologies. Her bio and Early Registration Discounts for Learning 2018 (Nov 4 to 7, Orlando) are at 

3. A Magician in New York City: As you may know, MASIE Productions also produces Broadway Shows. We are tickled to be one of the producing partners on a new show, Vitaly, featuring an amazing magician, Vitaly Beckman, in an engaging show in New York City from now until September 30th. 

Here is a video clip from his up-close magical evening: 

And, if you are going to be in New York City in the coming months, check it out at  

Let me know if you are going and if I am in New York, it would be fun to have a drink before or after your show. 

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie   

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