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1006 - Disaster Simulation Learning in Japan, Embrace Failure, Early Discount Deadline

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - August 30, 2018.
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Special Learning TRENDS From Tokyo Japan! 

Note: I am in Tokyo for a one week immersion in Learning Simulation, VR, Global Learning and Theater.  

1. Disaster Prevention Experience - Learning Parks in Tokyo.
2. Embrace Failure - Adding Rigor to eLearning.
3. Early Registration Discount until August 31st. 

1. Disaster Prevention Experience - Learning Parks in Tokyo: WOW!  That is the best way to describe my day at one of Japan’s Disaster Prevention Simulation Centers.  

I went to Tokyo’s Disaster Experience-Learning Facility and went through a multi-floor journey simulating the realities (physical, psychological and readiness) of living through an Earthquake, Hurricane or other major disaster.  Children and adults are given a tablet to react and learn how to cope with explosions, falling structures, medical emergencies and even the emotions of being separated from family members. 

They combined rich experiential learning with physical simulations and even a jarring cartoon (Manga style) to take the participants through preparation for an emergency.  

I will bring video and stories from these Disaster Prep centers to the main stage at Learning 2018.  We must learn from our global colleagues and emulate this level of readiness in countries throughout the world.  Here is an English copy of the program’s details: 

2. Embrace Failure - Adding Rigor to eLearning: We have to add Rigor and Failure to our eLearning programs.  

I am often asked, as one of the people involved in the early days of eLearning, to comment on the state of development in 2018.  

The largest issue we are confronting as a field of Learning Producers (beyond Instructional Design) is to more deeply embrace and deploy failure and rigor to our online learning resources.  In the age of quick compliance, many eLearning “courses” have lowered to have a 90% pass rate on the first go-around.  That meets the check the box requirement for compliance - but it lowers the learner’s engagement and often robs them of the ability to “Fail Forward” and experience the rigor of challenging content and experiences. 

Let’s look at what would happen to the Video Game business if everyone got a gold ring on the first round.  People would ask for a refund.  We need to be true Learning Producers and shape digital learning to: 

* Allow learners to safely “fail” as part of the pathway to success.
* Add adaptive and behavioral design - to increase the rigor to match the learner’s area of need.
* As Learning Producers, deploy UserExperience to push the envelop and still get high learner acceptance. 

At Learning 2018, we are honored to have Leslie Odom, Jr., a star of Hamilton and the author of “Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning”. We will explore how we embrace Failure as Learning Producers. 

3. Early Registration Discount until August 31st: You can take advantage of the Early Registration Rate Discount for Learning 2018 (Nov 4 to 7, Orlando), until August 31st.  And, next week, we will announce 2 more keynoters, including a Workforce Engagement strategy with over 65 million views.  

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