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1007 - 150+ Learning Experiences Announced, Baseball Stories, Rosh Hoshana

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - September 10, 2018.
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1. 150+ Learning Experiences, Activities & Sessions Announced.
2. Baseball Stories: 75 Years of Women in Baseball & New Show Emerges.
3. Jewish New Year: Rosh Hashanna Thoughts. 

1. 150+ Learning Experiences, Activities & Sessions Announced:  We are pleased to announce over 150 Learning Choices for the participants at Learning 2018. 

Designing an immersive and experiential event for 2,000 learning colleagues is a year long process.  And, we are now at the last stage of shaping, editing, evolving and finalizing the choices.  Our team at The MASIE Center works with each of your colleagues facilitating a one hour session to collaborate on: 

* A Title That Has the Passion of the Experience.
* It’s Only an Hour - Shaping the Content to the Time.
* Engage and Participate - Learning Professionals Don’t Want Lectures.
* Focus on Today AND Tomorrow: Learning is Changing. 

We are pleased to release this list - and there will be many more in the weeks ahead.  Please check it out at 

2. Baseball Stories - 75 Years of Women in Baseball & New Show Emerges: This weekend we took a trip to Kansas City, Missouri and Baseball Stories were the theme. 

We went to the preview performance of a new musical that MASIE Productions may help to bring to New York in the coming years.  “Last Days of Summer” is a funny, moving and historically rich musical about teenage boys, baseball and World War II.  It was moving to see the actors and creative team develop this show at the KC Rep.  And, weaving together the stories of boys growing up with baseball, family and history was amazing.  If you are in the region, go see this show: 

And, the added surprise was to discover that there was a reunion of the Women of Professional Baseball from World War II at the hotel.  They were celebrating their 75th anniversary and I got to meet Toni Palermo, who was a shortstop for the Springfield Sallies and Parichy Bloomer Girls.  She was inducted into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame in 1982.  What an inspiring athlete!

 3. Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanna Thoughts: For my Jewish colleagues and friends around the world, we are celebrating the start of a New Year. It is a time of reflection, consideration and preparation for a New Year.  

In these times of change, may we all find ways to reflect and strive for better understanding of the changes and challenges the world faces.  May we find in friends and family love, trust and compassion.  And, may we enjoy our tradition of “apples dipped in honey” - with the hope that we have a sweet year ahead.  Shanah Tovah! 

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