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Learning Producer: ReTooling our Roles

TO: Learning Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie, The MASIE Center
RE: Let’s ReTool Our Roles & Skills: Learning Producer LAB

Learners of today and tomorrow require new and evolving skills from learning professionals.  It is time to ‘Retool’ into Learning Producers!

Details and Registration:

The skills of instructional design, program creation, content delivery, performance consulting, curation and learning management will continue to be important, but the Learning Producer has a wider set of competencies and capacities including:

  • User Experience
  • Design Thinking Applied to Learning
  • Curation: Content and Context
  • From Social “Learning” to Collaboration
  • Learning EcoSystems
  • Performance,  Workflow and On The Job Learning Support Tools
  • Adding Engagement, Competition and Entertainment to Learning
  • Personalization
  • Learner Centered Content
  • Learning Data Analytics
  • Really Blending Tech and Human Learning Resources
  • Emerging Opportunities of ChatBots and Smart Speakers
  • Brain Science Applied to Learning
  • AI and Machine Learning - Getting Ready!
  • Learning Systems, xAPI, LRS and Knowledge Clouds 
  • Beyond Courses and Classes: New Brands and Formats
  • Lego Designs - Preparing for Content ReUse & BlockChains
  • Building Learning Producers: Skills, Approaches & Careers
  • Global and Diverse Workers as Learners
  • Assessing Learning Innovations: Yes, Maybe or Hype?
  • And more...

Join a small group of global Learning Colleagues in exploring the roles of the Learning Producer.  And, create projects to leverage Learning Producer skills and approaches to enhance the impact of your learning organization.

Space is limited in our New, Experimental and Experiential Learning Producer LAB!