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1015 - Cuba, Music and Learning; JIBO is a Robot Orphan; Business Drives Ablaze

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - March 10, 2019.
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Written on a Flight to Cuba! 

1. Cuba, Music and Learning.
2. JIBO My Cute Robot is Cut Off!
3. Learning Producer & Curation LABS Upcoming.
4. Business Changes - Learning Adapts & Focuses.
5. MASIE Productions Theater Update. 

1. Cuba, Music and Learning. I’m writing this Learning TRENDS on a flight from Newark to Havana.  Excited to spend an intensive week in Cuba, exploring Music, Theater and Learning.  I’ll be meeting with some amazing musicians, theater professionals and educators in Cuba.  I will be visiting music studios and theaters and connecting with educators. 

I’ll be posting interviews, perspectives and pictures in a future Learning TRENDS as well as on my LinkedIn account.  If you are in Cuba and would like to connect, please send me an email to 

Stay tuned… 

2. JIBO My Cute Robot is Cut Off!  One of the cutest technologies in our Learning LAB became a Robotic Orphan recently.  JIBO is a smart speaker with a unique ability to move and “dance” its circular head in response to user requests.  It had a great visual recognition capability and promised to be a smart robot that could engage a user more emotionally.  There were major news stories about JIBO and it was featured on the cover of TIME as the gadget of the year.  

Then, after more than $70 million dollars of venture investment, they laid off the staff, shut the doors and there are loads of JIBO’s like the one at The MASIE Center that cannot “phone home” to their server. Here is the article about the sad state of a tribe of smart devices suddenly “cut off”. 

I wish we had a code of honor that provides an Open Source Future for emerging technologies that lose funding.  Why not have a tribe of JIBO owners gather some hackers together to create a pathway to tomorrow?  Or, provide a way for this smart gadget to take on new technology “Aunts or Uncles” like Amazon Alexa or Google Home? 

3. Learning Producer & Curation LABS Upcoming:  Each month, I am leading a very intensive and experiential LAB for learning colleagues at our Center in Saratoga Springs, NY.  The space is limited and here are the next two LABS: 

- Learning Producer LAB: March 26 to 28, Saratoga Springs.  Eight Spaces Available.
- Curation & Learning LAB: April 30 to May 2, Saratoga Springs.  Filling Rapidly.

Details and registration at 

4. Business Changes Drive Learning Changes:  In five of my recent briefings with Chief Learning Officers, it has been intriguing to hear a shift in the learning strategies of their organizations.  

There is less and less talk about new learning technologies or learning systems.  Rather, the focus and conversation is about Learning Changes: 

- The Businesses are Changing.
- The Workplace Formats are Changing.
- The Workforce is Evolving.
- The Data Requirements are Expanding.
- The Career Path and Expectations of Workers are Changing.
- The Pressure for Speed to Hire, Deploy, Shift and Optimize is Severe.
- Therefore, Learning IS, WILL and MUST Change Accordingly. 

Follow the change curves of business more than the intrigue about AI, Machine Learning, AR, Experience Platforms and other important and evolving learning trends. 

The TRENDS that will drive change in our field are the Business Changes. 

5. MASIE Productions Theater Update:  As you may know, we are also producers of a range of Broadway theater.  If you get to NYC in the coming months, please go to The PROM.  It is an amazing and big message show - with music, comedy and stories that will move and delight you.  Let me know if you are heading to The PROM. I would love to meet you if I am in NYC that weekend. 

On to Havana - the people, the food, the music, the theater and their education systems.  

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie

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- Learning Producer LAB - March 26 to 28 - Saratoga Springs, NY
- Curation & Learning LAB - April 30 to May 2 - Saratoga Springs, NY
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