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1016 - Data and Learning Mindset, Innovations LAB, Headed to Netherlands

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - March 28, 2019.
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Host: Curation & Learning LAB - April 30 to May 2, Saratoga Springs, NY 

1. Learning Data Analytics Mindset
2. Opportunity with Lumina Foundation
3. Learning Innovations LAB Announced
4. Headed to Netherlands 

1. Learning Data Analytics Mindset: I have been focusing on the shifts that we will need in our field as the role of Learning Data Analytics expands and evolves. 

One key element will be creating a “Learning Data Analytics Mindset”.  

Learning and Development colleagues will need to dive deeper into Data and Evidence on every dimension of creating, producing, delivering, assessing and driving learning in a changing organization. 

The Data Analytics Mindset will expand radically from the end-of-program evaluation phase to a wider and more holistic view of Data.   We need to understand the wide spectrum of data that is already being collected by a range of business systems - and to leverage that for design, personalization and context.  And, to bring Data Visualization to the learner at every step of the process.  The learner should be able to see their current skill readiness throughout the learning and transfer stages. 

The Learning Data Analytics Mindset will be even more important as elements of AI and Machine Learning impact the workflow and eventually the learning process.  Stay tuned to the upcoming work of The MASIE Center, as we research and benchmark on Learning Data Analytics. 

2. Opportunity with Lumina Foundation:  We are honored to be working with the Lumina Foundation on projects that impact the future of Talent in the Changing Economy and Workplace.  Recently, they added a new position: 

Strategy Officer for Talent Investments 

This person will help expand Lumina Foundation’s work on building and extending new pathways for skills and credentials for the workplace.  It is a very exciting and impactful Foundation and this is a great opportunity for someone in the Learning and Talent Field. If you or a friend/colleague are interested, please view the details on this position at: 

3. Learning Innovations LAB Announced:  We are pleased to announce a new section of our popular program: 

Learning Innovations LAB
June 18 to 20, 2019 - Saratoga Springs, NY, USA 

This 2 1/2 day program is a high intensity, hands-on exploration of current and emerging innovations in learning.  The LAB sold out when last offered.  Details and registration: 

4. Off to Netherlands:  I will be delivering a keynote in the Netherlands next week at the Next Learning event.  Looking forward to connecting with my European Learning Colleagues, as we explore shifts and trends in learning.   

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie   

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