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1018 - European Learning Views, LPI to Boycott Brunei Hotel, Elliott Masie Keynotes

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - April 7, 2019.
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Written on the EuroStar Train to London! 

1. Amsterdam Learning Perspectives.
2. Learning Awards in UK Shifts in Brunei Protest.
3. Knowledge & Learning Tourism Opportunities.
4. Elliott Masie’s Events Ahead. 

I am drafting this Learning TRENDS on the EuroStar train from Brussels to London.  As the countyside of France zooms by outside the window before we enter the Channel Tunnel to the UK, I thought it would be a neat time to write the next TRENDS. 

1. Amsterdam Learning Perspectives: I was keynoting the Next Learning Conference this week in Den Bosch, Netherlands and meeting at the University of Nijmegen. Here are some observations and perspectives: 

• Learning Conversations Shifting: There were fewer conversations about the construction of eLearning or classroom curriculums. Rather, the emphasis was on constructing a pathway for a new hire (or newly promoted employee) to have mentoring, experiences, workflow support, assessment and incentives to meet skill shifts. 

• Learning Systems Challenged: While there were several colleagues that are experimenting with Curation and LRS systems, there was a sense of frustration that the Learning Management Systems in place (and even on the market) are not Optimizing the Learning of a Learner, but more focused on tracking the delivery flow. On The Job Training, Mentoring, Stretch Assignments and other key elements were not part of the flow.

•  70-20-10 Raging Debate: Many of my readers of TRENDS know that while I have deep trouble with the “math” and fixed formula of 70-20-10, there is a need for us to have an agile and data-based shift in % of learning formats. But, when challenging the 70-20-10 numbers and the currency of the ADDIE model, both myself and Bob Mosher met some wonderful raging debates. Let’s move away from symbolic numbers and see learning as a multi-factored and personalized approach with rich data factors.

•  Learning in a Second or Third Language is an Unspoken Challenge: So many of the colleagues in Europe shared the reality that large chunks of the workforce are often in a learning activity (live or digital) where the teaching language is often their 2nd or 3rd language. As we learn in new languages, the learning (and teaching) needs change. Learners often want to have multiple exposures to lectures through recording, to process new knowledge in their non-native language.

•  Learning, Development and Performance as an Undergraduate Degree! Wow! Bob Mosher and I were blown away by the program at University of Nijmegen, where almost 300 students are in Undergraduate Applied Science for Learning degrees. As early as age 18 or 19, students are targeting Learning as a field.  Others are joining the program after years in the workplace. The rigor and global nature of the curriculum is impressive and we spent several hours in an evening dialogue with these future learning leaders. 

•  Pragmatic View of AI and Machine Learning: There are intriguing boot camps underway in Europe to connect working professionals with the conceptual frameworks of what AI and Machine Learning may evolve towards. Interesting connections between this work and Workflow Support – by deeply assessing the steps and opportunities in optimizing a work task or role. 

My brain is filled with wonderful thoughts and perspectives from our conversations in the Netherlands. And, as the train makes its way to London, I am excited to be having dinner and diving deeper into these topics with MASIE Learning Fellow Nigel Paine. 

2. Learning Awards in UK Shifts in Brunei Protest: As a recipient of the Colin Corder Award from the Learning & Performance Institute England, I am proud to 100% support their decision to leave the Dorchester Hotel for their annual Learning Awards, in response to the adoption of cruel anti LGBTQ laws in Brunei, which owns the property. 

Edmund Munk, Donald Taylor and the leadership of LPI (@YourLPI) are to be supported for their position on this key issue. Though at the Dorchester for 23 years, these policies cannot be tolerated or ignored by the Learning Field. 

3. Knowledge & Learning Tourism Opportunities: I wish there were new apps or models to connect tourists with knowledge about local economies, skills and workplace realities. In addition to visiting castles, museums, canals and arts institutions, it would be great if there were ways for us to visit workplaces to see each region’s approach to skills and employment. I often use my connections on LinkedIn to find local colleagues for awesome conversations. Wish there was a cool app that would connect us for these workplace connections. 

4. Elliott Masie’s Events Ahead: As you can tell, I have been speaking and connecting with learning colleagues around the world in 2019. Here are a few upcoming keynotes and events for Elliott Masie in the coming months: 

- Suzhou, China – May 30th – China Training & Development Conference: Elliott Masie Keynote - “Newer Models of Learning Based on the Shifts in Technology, Business Models and AI”

- Washington, DC: May 20th – ATD Annual Conference: Elliott Masie: Learning TRENDS & Disruptions

- Washington, DC: May 6th - Future Workforce Now Roundtable

- TONY Awards, Radio City Music Hall, NY – June 9th – MASIE Productions

- Philadelphia, PA: June 24th – ISTE National Conference – Elliott Masie: Learning Futures

- Learning 2019 – Elliott Masie Keynote on Monday Morning, Oct 29th, Orlando, Florida

- Watch for New LABS: Broadway & Storytelling, Learning Data Analysis, AI & Machine Learning Briefings, Global Learning and Trips to Ireland, South America, Japan and Canada. 

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Yours in learning, 

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