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1019 - Web Based Education Conflict, Retooling Article, Elliott's Score Almost 69

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - April 23, 2019.
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1. Wall Street Journal Article on Evolving at Work!
2. Web Based Courses in Schools Hit Bump/Reaction
3. Elliott Prepares to Reach Score 69 in 3 Weeks
4. Curation & Learning LAB - Several Spaces Open in One Week 

1. Wall Street Journal Article on Evolving at Work!  One of the best articles on Workplace Reskilling that I have ever read was written by Lauren Webber in the Wall Street Journal this weekend.  “Evolving at Work” is available as a paid link for those that do not have a subscription: 

The heart of the article talks about the process of reskilling the current workforce to prepare them for the next generation of job opportunities.  It lays out an intriguing set of graphics that frame up steps to go from front line worker roles to higher level positions - using internal or supported external education. 

If your organization has access to the Wall Street Journal from April 20th, this is a “must-see” and “must-circulate” article.  It maps so crisply to the efforts of our partner Lumina Foundation and many employers in our Learning CONSORTIUM. 

2) Web Based Courses in Schools Hit Bump/Reaction: Another article that appeared in the New York Times this weekend also got my learning curiosity attention. 

It discussed a web based program for K-12 called Summit Learning, which is supported by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. 

On the surface, the program maps to much that we have been exploring in learning changes - with personalization, learner focused activities, teachers shifting to coaches. 

Yet, there have been some student groups, parent clusters and schools that have pushed back on this technological approach.  The article points to a mixed set of evidence reviews of impact.  Some students have felt very lonely and isolated in this learning model, which may, like most changes, be a result of the process as much as the technology and learning methodology. 

I would love to get reactions from Learning TRENDS readers.  The article about Summit Learning is at 

Send me a confidential note to with your thoughts and reactions. 

3. Elliott Prepares to Reach Score 69 in 3 Weeks: My friend and actor George Takei from Star Trek told me to refer to age as a score.  He just turned score 82.  

And, in three weeks, my score increases to 69. 

Unlike age, as your score goes up, it means more points, experiences and options.  I am about halfway through my career and really excited about the next few decades of exploring the changing world of business, workplaces, learning and careers. 

My score goes to 69 on May 13th.  If you would like to join me for a fun 30 minute online party, send a note to and I will send you a link. 

4. Curation & Learning LAB - Several Spaces Open in One Week:  There are just a few spaces left in our popular Curation & Learning LAB, that I will be leading in Saratoga Springs, NY next week.  Check it out and join us if you can:


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