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1020 - TONY Nomination for Masie Production's Musical, Storytelling and Broadway, Curate the Curation LAB

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - May 1, 2019.
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Host: Learning Innovations LAB - June 2019 - Saratoga Springs, NY USA 

1. The PROM (Masie Productions): 7 TONY Nominations!
2. Announcing: Storytelling & Broadway - Leadership Experience.
3. Curating the Curation LAB. 

1. The PROM (Masie Productions): 7 TONY Nominations! Yesterday, The PROM, an amazing Broadway musical comedy, was nominated for 7 TONY Awards. Co-Produced by MASIE Productions, The PROM tells a “now” story in a fun and wonderful way. It is a deep honor to be nominated and our actors, company, producers and audiences have made The PROM “wow”. If you are heading to NYC, check it out at 

2. Announcing: Storytelling & Broadway - Leadership Experience. We are honored to announce a new program: 

Storytelling & Broadway: Leadership Experience!

Led By: Telly Leung (Aladdin) and Elliott Masie.
Including: Performance of The PROM.
With: Actors, Writers, Stage Managers, Directors and Storytellers.
June 26, 2019 - in New York City

This is a unique and very different experience for staff, rising leaders and learning colleagues. Storytelling is a major part of our corporate competencies and Broadway professionals are great teaching resources! 

3. Curating the Curation LAB: We have been adding “Curators” to our LABs in Saratoga Springs. During each LAB, we have two curators capturing and re-framing the content, context, conversations and community actions. One does a text and graphic capture and one does a complete video capture. These are shared in a confidential site for the LAB participants. It allows the learners to concentrate on the real-time experiences and know they have a fully curated capture to use after the event. Try it out! 

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie   

MASIE Center Seminars, Events and Services: for Details: 

- Learning Innovations LAB - June 18 to 20 - Saratoga Springs, NY.
- Storytelling & Broadway - June 26 - New York City.
- Membership in The Learning CONSORTIUM. 

Elliott Masie will be a Featured Keynote Speaker at Learning 2019, now produced by CloserStill (October 27 to 30, Orlando, Florida). The Learning CONSORTIUM will have its annual meeting at Learning 2019.  Information and Registration at 

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