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1021 - Teacher Appreciation Week, Elliott Podcast, Personal Curation?

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - May 8, 2019.
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1. Teacher Appreciation Week!
2. Elliott Podcast from ISTE.
3. Personal Curation? 

1. Teacher Appreciation Week!  This is a week to reflect and appreciate the teachers that have made an impact on us during our lifetime.  Here are several of the teachers that I deeply appreciate for their skill, empathy, strength and divergence in teaching style: 

- Mrs Davis (2nd Grade, PS 173) was able to accept my thinking style and voice disability.  She engaged me in complex projects and assisting other students with reading and math assignments.  When kids didn’t understand me she coached me to be patient and find a second way of saying a word or sentence, as my speech therapy worked. 

- Mrs Laura (5th Grade, PS 106) connected me with science as an art form.  She pushed me to create Science Fair entries, including a prototype machine that graded tests with sensing springs. Mrs. Laura said “you have to fail when you do a science project to get to a success.” 

- Mr. Sterling Jensen (English Stuyvesant HS) turned on my love of theater.  I didn’t have the acting muscle, so he steered me toward running the lights and logistics for the school play.  He was an early actor in Roundabout Company. 

- Dr. Richard Rehberg (Statistics, Harpur College) failed me in statistics and then I took the same class again with him, discovering the power of data and analysis.  He was clear that a student with a C in statistics was a dangerous being.  I got an A when I retook the statistics class. 

- Dr. Rod Napier (Sagamore Workshop Leader) disrupted my approach to facilitating a group by the active use of listening, observation and energy.  He gave deep and targeted feedback to me, challenging me to evolve how I was as a facilitator. 

These are just a few of the amazing teachers that have impacted me over the decades.  As we evolve learning models, let us not forget, honor and develop great teachers. 

2. Elliott Podcast from ISTE Online:  I was thrilled to do a podcast with ISTE: 

* Masie Center CEO Elliott Masie shares insights on workplace and lifelong learning.
* Listen at: 

3. Personal Curation?  When you have a deep “Curiosity” or “Content AHA” moment, how do you personally curate it?  Do you make a note on your phone, write a few words on an index card, add a thought trigger to your brain?  What is your Personal Curation technique or technology?  Send me an email to 

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