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1022 - ATD and Asia Meetups, Storytelling for Global Reach, Innovation as Strategy

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - May 17, 2019.
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1. ATD & Asia Colleague Meetups!
2. Storytelling for Global Reach.
3. Innovation - Solve a Business Challenge. 

1. ATD & Asia Colleague Meetups: I would love to connect with Learning Colleagues during my travels in the next three weeks: 

* ATD Conference in Washington, DC (May 18 to 22):  I will be presenting a session on Monday afternoon: 

Learning Changes: Trends, Challenges, and Hype (Mon, May 20 | 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM | Room: Ballroom A, Convention Center) 

Change in learning is constant! Learners, technology, formats, business realities, and expectations are changing rapidly in 2019. In this session, you’ll explore the key innovations, opportunities, and overstatements for workplace learning in the months and years ahead. Learn what to watch for in automation, AI/machine learning, immersive/VR tech, chat bots, predictive assessment, gamification 2.0, voice-based coaching, and global learning. 

And, I will be at the MASIE Booth in the ATD Expo - Booth #2546.  Come stop by and say hello.  Or, send a note to and we will try to connect during the event.  We are also doing a State of the Industry report for our Learning CONSORTIUM based on scans and conversations at ATD. 

* Visit to Japan (May 24 to May 28):  I will be in Tokyo meeting with colleagues about Learning trends and also Broadway theater coming to Asia.
* Visit to China (May 28 to June 3rd):  I will be in Shanghai and in Suzhou for a national conference on Training, Learning and Internet of Things.  

Please be in touch via email or wechat (etbroadway) if we could connect during the Asia Trip. 

2. Storytelling for Global Reach: As you may know, we are focusing on Storytelling as a major and evolving skill and technique for learning and communication at the workplace.  I was deeply moved by a video that was done by Disney to look at how one of the stories in the Lion King was performed in dozens of languages and cultures around the world.  Look at this clip to see how stories can be global and local at the same time: 

Circle of Life Around the World! 

3. Innovation - Solve a Business Challenge: I am increasingly tired of folks talking about innovation in learning being focused on a new technology - from AI to AR to xAPI. 

Yes, technologies may be part of the “solution”, but innovation must focus on the “business challenge”! 

Innovate on how your organization and workforce will shift their approach to meet a business challenge, crisis, opportunity or change.  Innovate on how we can make a problem go away or rise up to meet an opportunity or threat to the business. 

Our workers don’t want to hear about more online courses being made available.  They want to hear about pathways to sustained or continued employment and career growth.  Managers are not deeply interested in our LMS technology - but they are widely intrigued about changing the speed to readiness and the culture of talent retention. 

Start the conversation about innovation by approaching business challenges - and you will get better attention, support, financing and authenticity.  Learning will follow the shifts in the changing world of the business and marketplace. 

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie   

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- Storytelling & Broadway - June 26 - New York City
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