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1027 - End of Summer Learning Thoughts

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - August 29, 2019
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Special Edition - End of Summer Learning Thoughts! 

Elliott Admission:  I loved the end of the summer, even though it was enjoyable at sleep-away camp or with summer jobs. 

Why? Because it meant that SCHOOL was starting - in just a few weeks! I would even sing a song, “School Days are Coming”. A new school year, new courses, new teachers and even a new batch of school supplies. 

So, as the Summer of 2019 is coming to a close, here are my Learning Thoughts - with some quick updates and questions for my colleagues around the world. 


* The Learning Year  Starts in September: Many of our employees look at the “learning year” starting after Labor Day. Use this to do a push about new and ongoing learning efforts. 

* Learning Dashboards?: It would be amazing if we could provide a Dashboard to every employee - reflecting their current learning goals, accomplishments and opportunities. Imagine a fun and personal view of learning.

* What You Read, Viewed or Discovered This Summer: Ask your colleagues, at the team or even enterprise level, to share something they read, viewed or discovered this summer. It will trigger amazing conversations. 

* Brand Change - From Student to Learner: I had a personal AHA this summer as I started and dropped out of a university online program. The content was pretty good. But, the learning method was non-motivating.  We want to be learners - not students. 

* Explore Innovation: We must actually explore new methods and technologies as learning professionals.  Set up a small Learning Innovation LAB at your company. If you can, join our Learning Innovations LAB in September. Details: 

* Focus on Transfer: We are far better at delivering and facilitating learning experiences than supporting the “transfer” of new skills to the actual workflow and workspace. Focus on Transfer - engaging the employee and their manager in deploying new skills. 

* Stress is Everywhere: We are living in a time of deep stress. So many of the elements in our lives are shifting, right in front of our eyes. Stress often blocks motivation to learn and engage. Add an “edge” to your programs. “Career Planning in Changing Times”. 

* Storytelling, Storytelling and Storytelling! One of my main work themes in the years ahead will be the changing nature of Storytelling at Work. Join us at the Broadway LAB with a visit to “Come from Away” on Oct 2nd. Details: 

* Data Analytics Expose Our Habits and Unconscious Bias: Look at learning data with an analytical set of glasses. Check patterns and tilt of who goes to our learning programs. What do we offer out of habit or tradition - rather than business impacts? 

* AI, Automation and Smart Tech Vocabulary: Learning professionals can learn the vocabulary and language of these powerful and often hyped changes to workplace technology. Learn to speak about and explore the impact of smart tech. 

* Next Chapters for Learning Professionals: Fall is often the time when many learning colleagues consider their next job or chapter. Let’s be more overt about career paths and blocks for our field and explore pathways to business or other zones for our skills.

* Labor Day Celebrates Work: When Labor Day in the United States happens, keep in mind that it is a celebration of Labor and Work. Celebrate the skills, efforts and impact that our workers contribute to our companies and customers.  

On a personal note, myself and The MASIE Center are very excited about the start of a new learning year at the end of this summer. We are developing new content and programs in: 

* AI, Machine Learning, Automation and Smarter Tech’s Impact on Learning & Work.
* Storytelling: Live, Remote and Media-Based Storytelling at Work.
* Learning Data Analytics: Deeper Understanding of Learning Impacts and Patterns.
* Global Learning: How Learning Is Developing Differently Around the Globe.
* UpSkilling and Developing Futures for Front Line Workers.
* Brain Science and The Human Dimensions of Learning Development. 

Our theme in 2020 will be Reimagining Learning and we look forward to evolving our focus as the worlds of business, technology and learning evolve. Stay tuned! 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie 

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