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1026 - Student or Learner? Storytelling on 9/11, Broadway and Come from Away

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - August 8, 2019
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Host: Learning Innovations LAB - September 16-19 - Saratoga Springs, NY 

1. 9/11 Storytelling & Broadway Experience Announced
2. Student vs. Learner?
3. Learning Innovations - Experimenting with the Future, Now! 

1. 9/11 Storytelling & Broadway Experience Announced:  We are delighted to announce a special edition of our Storytelling & Learning Leadership Experience to be held in New York City on 9/11.  

After a high energy morning focused on Storytelling Skills, led by actor Telly Leung and Elliott Masie with actors, directors and authors from Broadway, we will go to a matinee performance of  “Come From Away”, the award-winning Canadian musical set in the week following the September 11 attacks that tells the true story of what transpired when 38 planes were ordered to land unexpectedly in the small town of Gander, Canada. 

The characters in the musical are based on (and in most cases share the names of) real Gander residents as well as some of the 7,000 stranded travelers they housed and fed.  The musical has been received by audiences and critics as a cathartic storytelling of the capacity for human kindness in even the darkest of times and the triumph of humanity over hate. 

This one day Leadership Experience is ideal for a wide range of colleagues in your organization.  Participants have flown into NYC for our previous editions and it is a rare opportunity to explore Storytelling with world-class theater professionals. 

Space is limited and details are available at: 

2. Student vs. Learner.  A quick question to my Learning TRENDS readers.  When you hear the words Student or Learner - how are they different to you (and perhaps to your employees)? Send me a quick email to .

3. Learning Innovations - Experimenting with the Future, Now! I am so excited about our upcoming Learning Innovations LAB that I will co-lead with Richard Culatta, one of the leading education analysts in the country: 

Learning Innovations LAB
Sept 16 to 18, 2019 at The MASIE Center
Saratoga Springs, NY
Info and Registration: 

There are so many current and emerging learning technologies, approaches, methodologies and innovations that we will explore together: 

* ChatBots, Apps and Personalized Tech for Learning
* Curation Tools: Leveraging Recommendations, Ratings, Rankings, and Keeping “Compliance Kosher”
* Leadership Development Re-Imagined: Escape Rooms, Digital Workouts & Daily Targeted Coaching
* Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Immersive Media
* Learning Data Analytics – Dashboards for Learners & Performance
* Gamification & Engagement Updates for 2019
* Learning Systems Examined or “Deleted” – LMS, LCMS, xAPI, Experience Systems
* Performance and Workflow Support - Learning at the Moment of Need
* Machine Learning & AI: Reality, Hype, Examples 

And many more! 

Come explore the future of learning innovations with us in September.

Info and registration at: 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie  

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- Learning Innovations LAB - September 16-19, 2019 - Saratoga Springs, NY
- Storytelling & Broadway - “Come from Away” - September 11, 2019, New York City
- Membership in The Learning CONSORTIUM 

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