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640 - Virtual Dinner Party and Google's Mobile Learning Tool

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - Sept 30, 2010.
#640 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
55,153 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host: Learning 2010 - Oct 24 to 27, Orlando, FL, USA.

1. Google Lab’s New Mobile Learning Tool 2. A Virtual Formal Dinner Salon.
3. Learning Spotlight on: CNN, JCPenny, Yum Brands and Peace Corps

1. Google Lab’s New Mobile Learning Tool: Google Labs has released a beta version of a new Mobile Learning Creation tool called Breadcrumb.  This tool will create mobile simulations and branched content.  Spearheaded by one of our 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders Sarah Carr, this is an intriguing innovation that will allow users “to create a variety of mobile learning applications and allows you to make your application work with only three additions to plain text. Infinitely scalable, easy to create, and readable on Internet-enabled smart-phones or computers, Breadcrumb gives you maximum output for the development time.”

At Learning 2010, we will have a Google Breadcrumb Hackathon - which will be a hands-on session with Google Engineers to allow participants to build real time mobile learning apps. More info at:

2. A Virtual Formal Dinner Salon: Tuesday night, I had my first virtual, Skype-enabled dinner party and salon. My colleague and co-conspirator John Abele invited 6 CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators to his conference center near Toronto, Canada. I invited Alan Davis, President of Empire State College, to The MASIE Center in Saratoga. We created a very similar 5 course meal (Canadian and New York cheeses), matched wines and a Skype connection with a large plasma screen at the end of each of our tables. For the next 2 hours, the 9 of us had the most interesting, unplanned and rich conversation about the changing nature of business, learning, risk taking and technology. Quickly, the distance evaporated and closeness with new trust rose. The chef would introduce each course and we threw questions and comments back and forth in this unique setting. When we were done with desert, it was fascinating to hear how each person processed this innovative experience. We had really “broken bread” together and are intrigued about other ways in which a virtual meal might be a great template and frame for collaboration and connection. Stay tuned!

3. Learning Spotlight on CNN, JCPenney, Yum Brands! and Peace Corps: We are excited to honor four organizations that are doing really interesting innovations in learning. We will turn the spotlight on CNN, JCPenney, Yum Brands! and Peace Corps/Senegal at Learning 2010 - drilling into ways in which they have leveraged learning to drive their business and develop their talent. We will hear from their senior leaders, including the CEO of JCPenney, as we honor each of these organizations. Participants will then have an opportunity to attend a 1 hour Q&A with each of these organizations, exploring their approaches, hurdles and learnings. We now have almost 1,500 registrations for Learning 2010, which will start on Oct 24th in Orlando. There is still time to save money on Advanced Registration at

Yours in learning,
Elliott Masie

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