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931 - Captions for Video Search, Producing Learning Experiences

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 15, 2016.
#931 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Producing and Designing Experiences vs. Classes!
2. Captions for Videos - Searchable and Access. 

1. Producing and Designing Experiences vs. Classes! I enjoy the process of producing and designing learning experiences - as well as classes and online courses. As we ramp up to Learning 2016 in 6 weeks, we are building a range of Learning Experiences for the time outside the classrooms and ballrooms. I have just written a blog post on the process. Here is an excerpt: 

- LearningTV to Hotel Rooms: A new wake-up morning show each day, with interviews from our community highlighting issues, conversations and activities coming up. We are building a LearningTV Studio right in the conference center to create this in real time with participant energies and perspectives.
- Sing Along Movie Option: On Monday night, we will have a Sing Along version of a movie, if you want to add your voice.
- Pit Crew Experience: A high energy challenge right outside the door of the conference center where teams of participants can learn and then compete in changing the tires on an actual NASCAR car - with pit crew training, equipment and uniforms. Agile learning in action!
- Meet-Up Dialogues: Three times during Learning 2016, participants can gather around a table - focused on a topic or agenda that is NOT on our program - and discuss, explore and benchmark with colleagues.
- Escape Room??? One idea I am working on is a Learning Escape Room. Stay tuned to see if we can pull that together - focused on learning mysteries.
- Morning Exercise - Yoga, Zumba, Running and Walking: We will have early morning activity options.
- And More! 

Check out the blog and think about how we will be increasingly adding Learning Experiences to our design and production work as learning professionals. 

2. Captions for Videos - Searchable and Access: As organizations add more and more video to their learning mixtures, we should consider using captions that include the full transcript of the story, dialogue or teaching segment. They can be selected to be “ON” via the Closed Caption button on your media player. And, they will be usable in the future for searching on the real content of specific segments of the video. Watch for this capacity to be included in internal browsers and LCMSs. 

We have started this experiment. For an 8 minute video, the captioning service from Vimeo (our video hosting company) charged about $23. It works really well and had a turn-around of just 3 days. Here is the sample of the video that now includes captions. Be sure to turn on the CC (or closed caption) button on the bottom of the viewer. 

Caption Video Demonstration: 

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