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932 - Sully the Pilot as Teacher, Facebook Founder Invests in Learning App

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 19, 2016.
#932 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. “Sully” - Pilot, Teacher and Learning Advocate.
2. Meeting Design is Like Wedding Planning :)
3. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Family Invests in a Learning App. 

1. “Sully” - Pilot, Teacher and Learning Advocate: This weekend, I had the pleasure of watching the movie “Sully” starring Tom Hanks. In 2009, we had the honor of interviewing Captain Sully Sullenberger as one of the featured keynotes at Learning 2009. 

So, I went back to watch the video of my conversations with Sully. He is an amazing example as a pilot, a teacher, a team member, a coach and a true hero. In addition, he views himself as a teacher. 

Here is a segment of my interview of Sully as he talks about what was different about the day when he had 209 seconds between birds hitting his plane and a safe landing on the Hudson, saving the lives of 155 passengers. Read and watch his words about the importance of learning, training and competency in saving these souls: 

Capt. Sully Sullenberger @ Learning 2009: “The flight, like most other flights I’d had for 42 years, was completely routine and unremarkable for the first 100 seconds. And then in the next 208 we faced the challenge of our lives. The way I describe it is that Jeffrey Skiles, my First Officer and I, found ourselves in a crucible… In this cockpit, in which we were fighting for our lives and the lives of our passengers and crew. And we didn’t have time in that 208 seconds to figure out what we needed to know. We had to have already done the hard work for decades.” 

A video of some of the interview is at: 

2. Meeting Design is Like Wedding Planning :) This weekend, we finished the most difficult aspect of designing a conference for almost 2,000 people. Designing the schedule of over 200 sessions, activities, discussions and labs. In many ways, it is like planning a wedding.  

Adjusting speakers’ schedules, balancing content so that there are not 3 sessions on leadership development at the same time and even thinking about the flow of context over the course of 3 1/2 days. For example, some topics are perfect for the first breakout session and others might be way better at the end of the conference. 

Add to it the complexity of having an “open schedule”, so participants can decide which activities to attend at the last minute - and we have to consider the size of the group against the size of the room matrix. 

Wedding planning skills come in handy, as does a belief in each participant’s desires to personalize and balance their own learning schedule. Well, it is all done and in just a few days, we will release the final agenda and schedule. If you or your team are planning on attending Learning 2016, head over to for details and advance registration discounts. 

3. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Family Invests in a Learning App: There is a very powerful and disruptive Learning App that has been released to support K to 12 learning, mentoring and studying skills. BYJU’s is a Learning App from India that really takes a different approach.  It uses a combination of Machine Learning, Gamification and Peer Coaching.  And, it has recently been funded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. Check it the article about their investment: 

To download the app and try it: 

Yours in Learning, 

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