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933 - Here Comes the Judge, Panorama of Learning

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 21, 2016.
#933 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Compliance: Here Comes The Judge!
2. Panorama of Learning - My Theme. 

1. Compliance: Here Comes The Judge! One of the trickiest challenges facing Learning & Development professionals is the growing role of Compliance and Regulatory Training and Learning requirements.  In some fields, almost 70% of learning hours are mandated by compliance codes or internal risk avoidance policies. 

I thought it would be great to add the perspectives of a senior judge to this conversation and Learning 2016.  One of my lifelong friends and colleagues, Frank Maas, has just retired as a Federal Magistrate Judge in the Southern District of New York. 

Judge Maas will share his unique perspectives on how we navigate the world of regulation and compliance, and deal with varied types of advice and pressure on how best to approach compliance and regulation - with an intent to stay legal, safe and sane in our learning models.  He will be featured at one of our General Sessions and also available to chat with learning leaders about this often misunderstood topic: 

2. Panorama of Learning - My Theme for 2017: As I have been developing my content and context themes for Learning 2016, the metaphor of a Learning Panorama has evolved for me.  Here is one of the sessions that I will lead on the Panorama at Learning 2016: 

“Panorama of Learning: Recommendations, Choices & Personalization” - Led by Elliott Masie. 

Learners have a diverse, expanding “Panorama” of learning choices and alternatives, including corporate learning content, peer and social content, open content (e.g. TED or YouTube), third party content (e.g. Khan Academy), material from colleagues working at other organizations, and more. This Panorama includes a wide range of activities: video, eLearning, classrooms, simulations, social postings, performance support, job aids, books, shoulder-to-shoulder support, and more. Plus, learners often use their own technology that is better, faster, and more agile than what their organizations supply. Learning professionals must prepare for enhancing, shaping, and tracking the Learning Panorama with a different approach to development. And, organizations will be adding “recommendation” assets with reviews and guidance from peers, HR, managers, and even machine learning, personalized learner recommendations. 

- Personalization: how does the Learning Panorama impact or enhance pathways to learner personalization?
- Recommendations: what, how, which system, the and role of guidance reviews
- Panorama futures: where might the Learning Panorama be headed in terms of development, structure, and compliance impacts? 

I hope that you and your colleagues will join us in the conversations at Learning 2016 - October 23 to 26 in Orlando.  Details at 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

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