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929 - Anderson Cooper to Moderate Presidential Debate, Fitbits for Your Brain, Learning Apps

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - September 7, 2016.
#929 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Anderson Cooper, Learning 2016 Keynoter, Moderates Presidential Debate.
2. Fitbits for Your Brain - Educational Neuromarkers for Learning.
3. Learning Apps: Personalized Interfaces for Performance. 

Hello from London - Keynoting LearningLive Conference on “A Learning Panorama” and Attending Kinky Boots Cast Change Press Party. 

1. Anderson Cooper, Learning 2016 Keynoter, Moderates Presidential Debate: It was just announced that our Learning 2016 Keynoter, Anderson Cooper from CNN, will be the moderator of a Presidential Debate for the first time in his career on October 9th. 

We will be asking Anderson Cooper, when he is at Learning 2016 on October 24th, to describe the learning and preparation process for moderating a debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  

Registration for Learning 2016 continues with Early Registration Discounts at  We now have over 1,094 global learning colleagues registered for my 26th annual event - October 23 to 26 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

2. Fitbits for Your Brain - Educational Neuromarkers for Learning: We just added another provocative session for Learning 2016 - led by Mihnea Moldoveanu, Vice Dean, Learning and Innovation at Rodman College and my lifelong learning mentor, John Abele.  They will be exploring the role of “Fitbits for Your Brain”. Educational neuromarkers are brain and body signals that enable the learner and her coach, teacher, or facilitator through biofeedback and machine learning to better understand how to learn most effectively. This will be an interactive LAB that will highlight one of the disruptive innovations on the learning landscape. 

3. Learning Apps - Personalized Interfaces for Performance: One of the intriguing applications of technology to the corporate workplace learning environment is the development of Learning Apps. Consider the power of building a Learning/Performance App that will be personalized for an employee based on their development goals, competency gaps, and changing skill/information matrix in the workplace.  A Learning App could provide a just-in-time set of content, context, collaboration connections, coaching sets, and real-time feedback.  Learning Apps would interface with Learning Management Systems and Talent Systems and could be adjusted and adapted by learners, managers, and subject matter experts.  

We will be building a set of experimental Learning Apps at Learning 2016 to wireframe the learning and performance requirements of a set of learners in the workplace.  Stay tuned: Learning Apps might be as provocative as the shift from Albums to Playlists in the record industry! 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie 

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